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Eugen Tarnow


Domino Server Fragmentation Culprits Were...

Eugen Tarnow  August 16 2012 12:39:11 PM
The other day I had a chance to see what a fragmented Domino disk can look like.  It was a mail server with about two thousand mailfiles.  Diskeeper showed a LOT of red.  

The worst culprits were not the Notes mailfiles.  It was full text indices, the reddest belonging to a Notes log file.  An index probably not needed!  We deleted the .ft directories and Diskeeper showed a little appreciation.

Domino full text indices will keep growing and can cause fragmentation because there does not appear to exist a clean-up process that makes them shrink again.  You can set aside 30 minutes some day and by hand remove and recreate old full text indices.  Our ReduceMail Pro system allows for the automatic deletion and recreation of old full text indices.  

You can save 50% of the full text index disk space just doing that.

ReduceMail Pro team is very excited give our full attention to all companies who use Notes mail.

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