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The ReduceMail Pro Suite of products optimizes your Notes mail environment. The products help tame the mailfile size, perform audits and e-discovery, enforce email retention policies and provide hierarchical storage management. ReduceMail Pro delivers complete functionality and enhanced performance to any Notes mail organization. Our products offer intuitive design, enterprise performance, and user-friendly features that benefit both the Lotus Notes administrator and the end user community.

Early Case
Assessment Anytime

Early Case Assessment Anytime

Rapid, repeatable search and retrieval on company Notes mail for litigation, compliance and investigations.

Mail Management

justify Mail Management

Help your organization optimize its mail while avoiding common mail management pitfalls. Learn about mail management ROI and common cost saving strategies through active mail management.

Optimal Storage

Optimal Storeage Management DAOS plus ReduceMail Pro Archive is the killer app combination that delivers maximum attachment consolidation for real mail efficiency gains.