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Eugen Tarnow


Bet on the Right Team for Lotus Notes E-Discovery

Eugen Tarnow  December 29 2011 02:57:26 PM
Apparently there is such a thing as competitive e-discovery. It’s not quite an Olympic event, but a study/contest sponsored by Oracle will “pit teams of document reviewers, using their choice of software, all working on the same data set to learn which methods are the fastest and most thorough.” The top-dog document reviewers may even be rewarded with contracts from Oracle.

Though the aforementioned sport is the epitome of niche, its existence speaks to the fact that success in a real e-discovery project cannot be traced to simply one factor like the lawyers’ experience or the software’s quality. An ideal scenario has competent document reviewers who also have reliable and effective tools. The teams that win in competitive e-discovery are not only those with the best legal traditional skills but also those with the foresight to choose the best e-discovery software. That’s how legal departments can win in real life too.

When an organization has legal concerns and must perform e-discovery, its legal department needs to function at a high level in order to put the organization in the best position it can be in. The last thing that an organization needs is for the e-discovery process to be burdened by software that complicates the process and takes control out of the lawyers’ hands. Because of design that requires users to have extensive computer training, software for searching electronic and email data oftentimes requires document reviewers to be supervised by staff from the information technology department.

This problem is alleviated, however, with software like ReduceMail Pro E-Discovery, a tool for Lotus Notes that minimizes the involvement of information technology staff in the e-discovery process by being as user-friendly as possible. In addition, lawyers can use ReduceMail Pro E-Discovery to perform not only searches but other functions such as legal holds.

The best kind of e-discovery software does not burden anybody. Rather, it allows good lawyers to best translate their abilities. That’s the team worth betting on.  

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