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Eugen Tarnow


    When Too Much Email is... Just Too Much

    Anna Sandler  December 19 2011 11:15:00 AM
    Those of us who work as Lotus Notes administrators and developers are thinking, breathing, living email every day.

    What emails need to be archived? Retrieved? Deleted? Monitored?

    But at what point is there just too much email?

    I recently read an article at Discovery Order Relieves Party of Review of 65 Million E-documents which discusses how “a federal judge in a contract case has excused compliance with a discovery agreement that would have required the plaintiff to produce an estimated 65 million documents.”

    As the volume of email sent and received continues to grow, I wonder what will be the best ways in the future for companies to store and produce emails on request. Huge numbers of emails - like 65 million of them.

    Here at ReduceMail Pro, we think about these questions every day – and we’ve come up with great solutions to make sure organizations can archive what they need to keep, and delete what they don’t. We offer robust e-Discovery solutions.

    And yet, I am still left to wonder… is the time going to come when there is just too much email?

    What do you think? Can there ever be too much email, or do we just need good systems to manage and organize it?

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