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    Does Your Company Have a Lotus Notes Email Retention Policy? Here are 3 Reasons Why It Should

    Anna Sandler  December 16 2011 01:18:09 PM
    Many companies – even large ones – do not have an email retention policy.

    Here are three reasons why a company-wide email retention policy is important:

    1.        To establish company-wide practices. Without a formal email retention policy, there is no uniformity across an organization regarding which emails should be kept, and which emails should be deleted. Not only will individual employees make this decision differently, some people will spend significant time reviewing their emails, and deciding what to keep and what to toss – time that could be better spent doing something else.

    2.        To reduce company liability. The absence of a clear email retention policy can put a company at risk. Certain emails must be retained, but the recipients of these emails may not know they have an obligation to save them. An email retention policy can, and should, cover which emails must be retained for accounting, legal or other reasons.

    3.        To be ready for audit and e-Discovery requests. When a legal issue arises, no further emails can be deleted. Prior to such an occurrence, emails that are extraneous and unrelated should be deleted, or the overall quantity of email to be searched will be much bigger, creating higher costs and an overall strain on the company – and one that could be avoided.

    ReduceMail Pro has enterprise solutions to solve any issue related to email retention.

    We will work with you to put smart systems in place to support your company’s email retention policy. For example, our popular
    Archive product greatly decreases the time employees must spend culling emails for deletion. And our Audit and e-Discovery products make it possible to quickly and easily review and retrieve relevant emails from the many that are stored.

    To learn more about how ReduceMail Pro can help manage your company’s Lotus Notes email retention contact us at or call us at 1-201-773-8915.

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