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How to Make Sure Company Information Isn’t Compromised Via Email

Anna Sandler  December 15 2011 08:00:00 AM
Do you worry about company emails containing confidential information being sent by employees – whether on purpose or by accident? ReduceMail Pro Journal is one way you can make sure your company's confidential information isn't being compromised via email communications.

You can make sure your company emails are monitored by using ReduceMail Pro Journal, which is a state-of-the art journal management and audit system that enhances the native Lotus Notes R6, 7 and 8 journal functionality to provide a powerful Lotus Notes management and audit tool.

The ReduceMail Pro Journal functionality compiles specified emails into Journal Extracts, and then searches those Journal Extracts for specific content as determined by the Lotus Notes administrator – an automated process that can be configured based on company requirements.

Searches can be created for keywords, including domain names. For example, the “to field” of the emails could be searched for a competitor’s domain name, making it possible to ensure no emails are sent to those addresses. Similarly, relevant keywords can be searched that might be red flags requiring company oversight.

Does your company have a system for reviewing and identifying emails that might contain sensitive or confidential information?

If you would like to learn more about how
ReduceMail Pro Journal can help monitor and track your company’s information, as well as provide other security solutions, contact us at

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