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    FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: ReduceMail Pro Announces New Feature: Consolidation

    Eugen Tarnow  December 9 2011 10:39:47 AM
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    Anna Sandler
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    ReduceMail Pro Announces New Feature: Consolidation

    Consolidation is a new feature that is being added to the popular ReduceMail Pro Audit product.

    FAIR LAWN, NJ – December 12, 2011 – ReduceMail Pro from Avalon Business Systems, a leading producer of Lotus Notes and Domino mail management software solutions, announces the latest feature in its ReduceMail Pro software suite, Consolidation.
    This innovative new feature will be available as an additional option within the ReduceMail ProAudit module and will enable Lotus Notes Administrators to consolidate emails, including ones that have been altered or deleted, from multiple backup copies of mailfiles into one set of consolidated mailfiles.

    ReduceMail Pro Audit, and the newly released Consolidation add-on, are one of six modules in the complete ReduceMail Pro Suite (Archive, Delete, Attach, Audit, e-Discovery, and Journal).

    ReduceMail Pro founder Eugen Tarnow explains:
    “Consolidation is an example of how new product innovations are driven by our quest to meet and exceed the needs of our clients. We were hearing from our current customers that they could use the functionality that eventually became Consolidation, so we built it for them.”

    ReduceMail Pro Consolidation will also help Lotus Notes System Administrators to respond aptly and quickly to Audit and e-Discovery requests that require a thorough reporting of email communications.

    As the quantity of email communications continues to grow and Legal Departments are obliged by the courts to search back-up tapes, ReduceMail Pro Consolidation will become more and more essential.

    About Avalon Business Systems and ReduceMail Pro:

    Avalon Business Systems is a leading provider of Lotus Notes and Domino technology and services with a specialization in Notes mail issues (archiving, removal and discovery) which is achieved through an advanced mail management system.

    Founded in New York City in 1997, Avalon has helped to fill the need for highly specialized Lotus Notes and Domino capabilities among sophisticated business organizations and government agencies. Since our inception, Avalon has helped clients develop and manage their Lotus Notes and Domino technology through application development, strategic business solution implementation, and management of the Notes mail enterprise. Our technology products are second to none in delivering quality solutions, high return on investment, and state-of-the-art task management.

    You can learn more about Avalon Business Systems and ReduceMail Pro online at, or connect on Twitter at and Facebook at

    For more information, or to schedule an interview with Eugen Tarnow, please contact Anna Sandler at or at 1-877-210-6002 x113.

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