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Eugen Tarnow


    IBM owns the patent application for the perfect Reply-To-All button

    Eugen Tarnow  December 3 2012 02:59:54 PM
    Every so often I have an idea and I rush to the US Patent & Trade Marks database to see if somebody already came up with it.  

    This time I was thinking of the perfect Reply-to-All button.  To make for more responsible communications the Reply-All-Button should present the end user with a list of potential recipients and each recipient should have to be checked off in order for the reply to be sent.

    It turns out that Kyle Patrick of IBM, Austin, already came up with it.  The corresponding published patent application can be found here.

    What is curious is why the button has been sitting on the shelf for 8 years!  Kyle Patrick appears to no longer be working at IBM, perhaps that is the reason?

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