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Eugen Tarnow


Natural language processing of Lotus Notes mail

Eugen Tarnow  September 10 2015 11:14:29 AM
What is the difference between keyword searches and natural language processing of Lotus Notes mail?

Keyword searches will identify memos with keywords in them, the context is identified by human readers.  The keyword selection and the human readers will interact until the best set of keywords are left, leaving a minimized amount to read.

Natural language processing allows a programmer to identify memos with specified keywords and report on the context.

Suppose one wants to go through email from a pharmaceutical company related to drug X.  

Keywords: One can perform a keyword search on the drug name, read a few of the memos and realize that there are significant side effects mentioned.  One would then perform a dual keyword search on memos containing both the drug name and "side effects".  Some more human reading would realize that pain is one of the side effects.  The new keyword search would then include the drug name and "pain".  A human reader would then classify all the memos according to what kind of pain was mentioned.  The effort might take weeks if there are a lot of memos.

Natural language processing: The programmer would perform a keyword search on the drug name.  A distribution of common nouns mentioned in the selected memos would allow the programmer to identify the word "pain." A distribution of the words preceding "pain" would allow for a quick classification of the kinds of pain mentioned.  The effort could be a couple of hours!  A distribution of common adjectives and adverbs mentioned would allow the programmer to identify the word "excruciating" etc.  

Keyword searches necessitate human scanning of full memos.  Natural language processing allows a programmer to read word distributions of all identified memos at the same time.

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