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Eugen Tarnow


    Lotus Notes is great for keeping track of computer systems and their users

    Eugen Tarnow  April 26 2012 01:25:36 PM
    A few years ago we created a Lotus Notes system for one of the largest banks in the world that we can call Computer Accounts System.  It tracked who the authorized users were of their various computer systems.  

    It is hard to think of any other application platform that can do this as well as Lotus Notes.

    It starts from the very beginning.  A new employee joins the bank and the Lotus Notes email system creates a unique user name.  From then on most other computer systems, ranging from payroll systems to trading systems, can use this same unique user name.  Passwords can also be generated by the Computer Accounts System.

    Information about computer accounts and passwords can be sent out to the new employee from the Computer Accounts System, encrypted for protection.  Records of those accounts and passwords can be protected in the Account Request Database on documents with reader fields and encrypted fields for initial passwords.

    Of course, workflow is included showing who approved what access and when.

    When the inevitable pile of card boxes arrive, indicating firings, the Computer Accounts System can alert the various system administrators to remove the soon to be laid off employees from the computer systems.  If any of the computer accounts remain open for more than a few minutes a high level alert can be sent to ensure account removal.

    Increases and decreases in computer system authority can be done from the Computer Accounts System via a set of account data kept within the system.

    Compliance has a complete record of who has access to what computer system and who had access in the past and when.

    I love it when a good computer system comes together thanks for Lotus Notes  - match that Microsoft!

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