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Eugen Tarnow


Why a Lotus Notes workflow system helped getting vendors paid at a Big N accounting firm

Eugen Tarnow  March 7 2012 02:42:37 PM
We had a chance to build a Lotus Notes based workflow system for vendor invoices at a Big N accounting firm some time ago.  

Vendors routinely get frustrated with slow payments.  They will charge late fees and, once in a while, those late fees will be paid (funny enough, a big US automaker apparently had a standard Accounts Payable form that stated "Dear Supplier --- we do not pay late fees on invoices").

At our client site invoice payments were very late because one or two departments involved had some lazy workers.

The Lotus Notes workflow system took no more than a week to write and was soon in production.  Everybody involved in the vendor invoice process could now see where the invoices were held up.

And suddenly there were no more lazy workers...

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